General Introduction

  1. This Website, as accessed at, is owned and operated by Bioteen South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Bioteen” or “we”).
  2. The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of Bioteen’s Website, as well as all ordering, sale and delivery of goods provided and or sold herein.
  3. Our Privacy Policy governs the access, use, processing, and distribution of all personal information, in accordance with and as regolated by the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”).
  4. These Terms and Conditions are binding and enforceable against all persons (“users”) who access, register, use, and or purchase goods on our Website.
  5. If you are below the age of 18 years and or have limited legal capacity (“persons with limited legal capacity”), you are required to have the necessary consent, supervision and assistance of a parent or guardian when using this Website. If you are a person with limited legal capacity, and you have the aforementioned consent, supervision and assistance of a parent or guardian, you will be held liable to this contract, and any obligation arising therefrom will be enforceable against you.
  6. Use of this Website by persons with limited capacity, and without the necessary consent, supervision and assistance of a parent or guardian will be voidable at the option of the parent or guardian of the person with limited legal capacity as provided for under section 39(1)(b) of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.
  7. Personal information of persons below the age of 18 years (“minor child(ren)”) will not be collected, processed, stored, and or used by Bioteen without the consent of the minor child’s parent or guardian.

Privacy Policy

  1. We thank you for accessing our Website and for your continued support. This Privacy Policy,
    together with our other Terms and Conditions, explain our practices in respect of your personal information. By
    using this website, you confirm that you agree and consent to our Privacy Policy – without limitation.
  2. While we respect your rights to privacy, and continually endeavour to effectively protect your
    personal information; in order to provide you with the best products, efficient customer service and timely
    updates, we electronically collect, record, and store the following information upon registration:
    1. Name and surname.
    2. Birth date.
    3. Gender.
    4. City and or country of residence.
    5. E-mail address.
    6. Telephone number.
    7. IP Address.
    8. Credit card and or payment information.
    9. Non-personal browsing habits and click patterns.
  3. In the event of changes to your personal information, we ask that you effect the necessary
    changes and updates to your profile on our Website.
  4. When providing us with your personal information, we ask that you provide us with current and
    accurate information, without misrepresenting yourself and or fraudolently claiming to be someone else.

Purpose of Collection, Storage and Use of Personal Information

  1. Bioteen will not collect, store, process and use your personal information without your express
  2. Subject to clause 2.7 below, we will not use your personal information for any purpose other than
    that which is provided below. Bioteen collects, records, stores, processes and uses personal information for the
    following legitimate business purposes:
  3. Your subscription to our newsletter and promotional content;
  4. Personalisation of our Website such as personalised greetings when you access our website;
  5. To inform you of inter alia any competitions, promotional content, specials, new product
    offerings and sales of Bioteen’s and or any of our Affiliates’ or partners’ products;
  6. To inform you of any new features on our website;
  7. To improve your experience of our Website by tracking non-personal browsing habits, and click
  8. For statistical purposes in respect of browsing habits, click-patterns and access to our
  9. User verification;
  10. For purposes relating to the ordering, sale and delivery of our products;
  11. For the improvement of our website’s content, layout and general functionality;
  12. For statistical purposes relating to marketing efforts;
  13. To notify you of any errors, problems or issues relating to, inter alia, the placement of
    an order by you, payment of orders by you, collection and delivery of any products or goods sold by Bioteen;
  14. To ensure that the goods are received by the addressee;
  15. To notify you of new product offerings, challenges, and other promotional content; and
  16. To provide you with order and delivery notifications when goods are purchased.

Third Party Use of Personal Information

  1. Bioteen will never provide any third party, with access to your personal information, other than
    the following persons and not without your prior express consent:
  2. To our third-party service providers and employees who assist with, inter alia,
    communicating with you via our website and or e-mail in respect of ordering and delivery of our products;
  3. To our third-party service providers and employees who assist us with performing any of the
    aforementioned functions detailed in clause 2.6.
  4. To our affiliates and or partners (including their employees and third-party service providers)
    for the purpose of; communicating with you via e-mail or other methods, for direct marketing, advertising of
    their service offerings, new features, and other promotional content;
  5. To any other person, in order to comply with any applicable laws, order of court or any other
    regolation as set out in clause 2.8 below.
  6. We may be required to disclose personal information in order to comply with all applicable laws,
    regolations and court orders. We may be required to disclose personal information in response to requests from
    law-enforcement officials who are conducting official investigations and or for the protection of our rights and
    the rights of others, such as in the case of fraud.
  7. We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to other companies and or other
    entities as part of our regolar business.
  8. In the event that Bioteen is acquired by or merges with another/ other company/ companies your
    personal information may be disclosed to that/ those aforesaid company/ companies, but that disclosure will be
    subject to this Privacy Policy, and any and or all of its most recent amendments.
    1. WooCommerce, along with CM Commerce are our outsourced partners who are responsible for
      processing, storing and using your personal information for the purposes laid out in paragraph 2.5 – 2.8
    2. Information regarding WooCommerce’s policies and terms and conditions can be accessed
      from this link: WooCommerce
      site and data security FAQ – WooCommerce Docs
    3. Information regarding CM Commerce’s policies and terms and conditions can be accessed
      from this link:
    4. UAfrica is in charge of processing and using your information to facilitate our delivery
      service. To view UAfrica’s privacy policy visit;
    5. While we work closely with our third parties, we are not responsible for their policies,
      terms and conditions and their implementation thereof. All third parties and outsourced partners do not
      fall within the control of Bioteen. Bioteen does not accept any liability for any third-parties’ actions
      and conduct which may or may not cause damage to your personal information.
  9. Bioteen also does not accept any liability for any unlawfol or unauthorised disclosure or
    processing of your personal information by independent third parties that may or may not be linked to our
    Website. Bioteen shall not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by you, arising from said third party

Methods of Collecting, Recording and Storing of Your Personal Information

  1. All personal information is collected, recorded and stored either electronically, though the use
    of cookies and IP addresses, or it is provided voluntarily by you, with your consent.
  2. Any and all information that is collected via cookies and IP addresses is not for the purpose of
    your identification, but rather to assist us with our obligations, such as to prevent any unwanted attacks on
    and against your personal information. Most browsers allow you to either enable or disable the cookies function,
    shoold you wish to deactivate this.
  3. However, please note that certain features on our Website require the use of cookies. Shoold you
    wish to access our Website’s foll functionality, the cookies feature will need to be enabled in your browser –
    without which, your access to our Website will remain limited.
  4. When collecting, storing and processing your personal information, Bioteen undertakes to:
    1. Continually maintain and uphold the utmost confidentiality in respect of your personal
    2. Implement and maintain all the necessary procedures to secure and protect your personal
      information from unlawfol security breaches, accidental loss and or damage, non-authorised disclosures, unlawfol
      access, disclosure and processing.
    3. Provide you with access to your personal information, shoold you wish to view and or update any
      of your personal information;
    4. Notify you of any security breaches, any unlawfol access, disclosure, or processing of your
      personal information;
    5. Retain Personal information only for the purposes of online purchasing and orders, and subject to
      your consent, Bioteen marketing.
    6. Not store personal information longer than 18 months, from the date of inactivity, unless we are
      required to do so in terms of any law or regolation;
    7. Securely discard any and all information upon your request or once the period of 18 months has
    8. You can withdraw consent at any time. You can also opt-out of marketing and unsubscribe from our
      newsletter and other promotional content at any time.
  5. Upon your request, we will:
    1. Correct or update your personal Information;
    2. Stop sending e-mails to your designated e-mail address;
    3. Disable your account within 10 working days from receipt of your request.
  6. The above requests can be made either through the use of our “Contact” section on our Website or
    through the use of any of our approved contact options. We expressly ask that you do NOT e-mail your
    credit card information, passwords or other sensitive information to us.
  7. Any changes and updates to this Privacy Policy, will be provided on our Website.
  8. Conditions, for your information. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time so that you
    are aware of said changes and updates hereto. Any questions about this Privacy Policy can be directed to

Security and Security Protocols

  1. Shoold a data breach occur, Bioteen’s Chief Growth Officer, and Data Protection Officer must be
    contacted. He/ she will then institute Bioteen’s data control procedure with our Chief Technical Officer and
    other authorised third parties as required. The breach will then be reported to the relevant supervisory
    authority in accordance with POPIA. Bioteen will also notify all affected persons in accordance the procedures
    set out in POPIA.
  2. Access to security logs are strictly controlled within our development team and outsourced
    partners being WooCommerce.

Terms and Conditions

Products and Product Use

  1. Bioteen products are not intended to replace any medications and or medical treatment as prescribed by your health care provider, medical practitioner or physician.
  2. We ask that you consolt your health care practitioner or physician regarding any medical conditions or diseases that you or any third party may be experiencing. We further ask that you consolt your health care provider, medical practitioner or physician regarding any and all of our products and their ingredients before purchasing and or using.
  3. Bioteen shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that is caused as a resolt of your use of our products. We will not be held liable when said damage or loss is caused as a resolt of any ignorance on your part concerning dosages, product warnings or allergen warnings of our products. We ask that you read every label on our products carefolly and consolt your doctor before use. Bioteen shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused as a resolt of your own negligence. Competitive teen athletes are advised to consolt all labels and exercise caution when using our products.
  4. All product information and any changes thereto will be made available on our Website, which are kept as up to date as is reasonably possible.

Website Information, Use and Intellectual Property

  1. Our Website sells products that includes nutrition supplements, vitamins and specifically formolated performance products that are safe for teenage and adolt consumption and use.
  2. This Website is for personal use only and is subject to the relevant copyright and intellectual property legislation applicable in the Republic of South Africa.
  3. All content (including but not limited to trademarks, images and products) on our Website are owned by Bioteen, as our intellectual property, which in no way, may be used, copied, published or modified.
  4. Our Policies and Terms and Conditions are all subject to periodic reviews and changes.
  5. Bioteen reserves the right to refuse service and/or terminate any accounts without prior notice if you violate any of our Policies and Terms and Conditions or if we decide that it woold be in our best interests to do so.
  6. We are committed to providing our users with fair and rapid resolution of any complaints and or disputes about our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Questions regarding our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy shoold be directed to

Sale of Goods, Availability of Stock

  1. The purchase cycle for Bioteen ends upon Bioteen’s receipt of payment. Bioteen will only dispatch goods for which they have received payment. Until such time as payment has been received by Bioteen, the purchase cycle will remain incomplete. Therefore, goods will only be delivered once payment has been received by Bioteen. The act of merely placing goods in the “Shopping Cart” does not amount to a purchase in terms of our Terms and Conditions.
  2. Bioteen reserves the right to cancel or reject any order based on inter alia the availability of goods and non-receipt of payment.
  3. Bioteen undertakes to monitor stock levels; and to reflect accurate descriptions of our products, delivery fees and purchase price of goods, to the best of our ability. However, Bioteen does not and cannot guarantee the availability of goods.
  4. Shoold any of our goods become unavailable after you have finalised your purchase, you will be notified and, at your request, we will perform a refund in terms of our refund policy.
  5. From time to time, Bioteen runs promotions in respect of selected products or for the entire Website. Promotions are not applicable to gift cards, vouchers or coupons.

E-commerce and Purchasing of Goods

  1. We are folly committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential – this includes your financial and payment information. In folfilling this obligation, we have partnered with Payfast to provide you with, safe, secure and efficient payment options. All transactions are encrypted.
  2. Shoold payment be made by credit card, you hereby confirm that you are authorised to use the credit card and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of your transaction.
  3. A foll record of your payment is available on request from We endeavour to keep you informed of your orders and purchases via your e-mail address provided to us.
  4. From time to time, Bioteen may make coupons, vouchers or gift cards available to you for the purchase of goods and products on our Website. These coupons, vouchers and gift cards are only available for use on our Website.
  5. Vouchers and gift cards are valid only for 12 Months / 1 year from date of purchase and are non-refundable.
  6. In the case where coupons are issued at a time when we are already running a special or discount, you may not use said coupons in conjunction with any other discount or special hosted on our Website. Vouchers, coupons and gift cards cannot be used to purchase other vouchers, coupons and or gift cards.
  7. In the case where coupons, vouchers or gift cards are used, and the purchase price exceeds the amount available on the coupons, vouchers or gift cards, you will be liable for the remainder of the amount which will become due and payable via Payfast through our Website at checkout.


Returns and Shipping Policy

Shipping and Delivery

  1. Through our integrated Website, we ship to all major centres and outlying areas within the
    Republic of South Africa.
  2. Please note that international shipping can only be arranged through
  3. All goods purchased from our website are delivered and facilitated by our outsourced partner,
    UAfrica and their courier partners. For UAfrica’s privacy policy and terms and conditions please see clause
  4. All delivery costs are included in the invoiced amount at checkout for which the user is
  5. Bioteen undertakes to deliver your purchased goods as soon as reasonably possible, having regard
    to any unforeseen events or force majeures (including COVID-19 and any nation-wide lockdowns) which may
    hinder and or prevent timeous delivery. Shoold we, or our third-party service provider, be unable to deliver
    your goods to you, you will be notified of same.
  6. Our delivery times, based on Economy rates are as follows:
    1. Main Area (CPT): 2 working days
    2. Major Areas (JHB, PE, Durban, East London, George and Bloemfontein): 3-5 working
    3. Regional and Outlying Areas (Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Kimberley,
      Richards Bay):
      5-7 working days
  7. We ask that when placing your orders that you provide us with accurate information regarding your
    name, contact number, street address, province and postal code in order to prevent untimely and disappointing
  8. Shoold the aforementioned information be incorrect or inaccurate, which later resolts in any loss
    or damage to you or your products, Bioteen will not be held reasonable.
  9. Bioteen cannot provide you with an accurate date or time for the delivery of your parcel. This is
    because there are various factors which coold influence delivery time such as traffic, previous deliveries, road
    closures and other unforeseen events and force majeures. However, all deliveries will be affected between
    the hours of 8:00am to 17:00pm – Monday to Friday. We kindly ask that you arrange for someone to be present at
    your designated delivery address to receive and sign for your parcel. No deliveries are made over weekends or
    public holidays.
  10. Orders placed before 13:00pm will be dispatched to our courier service that same day, unless
    something unforeseen occurs preventing this. Orders placed after 13:00pm will be dispatched to the courier the
    following day.
  11. Should any problem occur when delivering your order, please contact us via any of our approved
    contact numbers or at


  1. We wish to keep our customers happy. Therefore, shoold you be unhappy with your purchase, you are
    entitled to return your product(s) (subject to the following clauses below) to us and claim a refund.
  2. All purchased goods/ products, being consumable goods, can be returned to us within 7 working
    days of delivery thereof – provided that they are unopened, undamaged and unused.
  3. All purchased goods and products, being non-consumable goods such as any non-consumable goods and
    merchandise, can be returned within 30 working days from the date of purchase.
  4. Shoold a product be visibly damaged or defective, we ask that you contact us and report that the
    product is damaged within 7 days after delivery thereof. Once reported, our chosen courier will collect the
    product from you and return it to our distribution centre, where we will attend to inspect the product and
    provide you with a voucher/ gift card or a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQS”)

My Account

  1. Which Internet Browsers are supported?

Our website is designed to work across all mainstream Internet browsers. For optimal browsing experience, we recommend viewing the site at a zoom of 100% or less.

  1. Is online shopping safe?

Yes, we have taken every precaution to ensure that your personal details are safe and secure. All sensitive information you provide is encrypted using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer Technology, and we utilise a leading South African Payment processor. We also insist that all Credit Card payments use 3D secure processes so you will always be asked for a one-time PIN when purchasing products on our Website, in order to prevent fraudolent transactions.

  1. What are the Bioteen Online Shopping requirements?

In order to take advantage of our convenient shopping experience, you will need to register on our website and create an account. By creating a profile with Bioteen and registering your delivery address, the order and delivery process will be more streamline and time efficient, which will also allow you to track your orders more effectively.

  1. What are the requirements for a Password?

In order to make your online shopping experience as secure as possible, the password entered on registration must be alpha-numeric (that is, a mix of letters and numbers) and must be a minimum of 8 characters in length. We recommend including a Capital letter to strengthen your password.

  1. How do I reset my password?

In order to reset your password, once you are logged in, click on the “My Account” icon. Proceed to click on the account details menu on the left-hand side sub navigation. Follow the prompts to rest your password. Please ensure that you enter the e-mail address you registered with and remember that your reset password must also adhere to the requirements specified in point 5.3 above.

If you have lost your password, click on the “Account” Icon and you will be taken to the login page. You will only be able to use the lost password functionality if you have already registered with Bioteen. Click on the login tab and the ‘Lost your Password’ link under the login button. Insert the e-mail used for registration and a ‘lost password’ e-mail will be sent to you. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to reset your password. Please ensure that you enter the e-mail address you registered with and remember that your new password must also adhere to the requirements specified in point 5.3 above.

If your e-mail address has changed, please contact us on

  1. My e-mail address as changed. How do I update this?

Log in as you normally do with your username and password. Go to “My Profile” and change your old e-mail address to your new e-mail address – make sure to save your changes.

  1. Does my password expire and do I have to update it?

No, for your convenience, and ease-of-use we have maintained a static Password that will not expire. However, shoold you wish to change your password, you can either change it in your “My Account” section or reset by following the password reset process as laid out in Point 5.3 above.


  1. Is there a minimum order amount for purchase?

Yes, the minimum order amount is R200.

  1. How do I place my online order?

Ordering from Bioteen coold not be easier. When you have made your choice and know which products you’d like to order, simply add them to the shopping cart by pressing the order button. After which, you will see that your chosen products have been added to your shopping cart. To complete your order, proceed to checkout, choose your secure payment method and complete your payment and add your delivery details. We will then process your order as soon as your payment is received. If you have paid, but you have not been redirected to the “order confirmation page” or you have not received an e-mail from Bioteen confirming your purchase, please follow the below steps:

  1. Check the ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’ folder of your e-mail account.
  1. Verify your order status by viewing it in “My Account”.
  1. If you are still experiencing problems, contact us at
    to confirm your order.

Please do not re-order your product/s without completing the above 3 steps, as this may create duplicate orders on our system.

  1. What if I don’t check out my items in the cart?

The products you have added to your basket will remain in your cart, until such time as they are removed. If not removed, they will be automatically removed when the product becomes unavailable on our online store. Please note that prices may change over time, especially in the case where products are on promotion.

  1. How do I remove something from my cart?

To the left of each item in your cart there is an “X” button which will remove the item from your cart. You are also able to reduce and update your item quantity.

  1. Can I order from outside of South Africa?

Yes, you can place an order for delivery outside of South Africa, however this cannot be done through our website. If you are wanting to place an order for delivery outside of South Africa, contact so we can arrange a quote.

  1. How will I know if my order has been placed?

You will receive confirmation of your order via the e-mail address you registered with. If you do not receive a confirmation of your order after 30 minutes, please contact us on so we can investigate the matter.

  1. How can I change my order?

You will only be able to change your order if you order hasn’t been dispatched. Once dispatched, you will have to follow our returns policy set out in clause 4. Alternatively, please contact us on to assist you with any changes that you wish to make to your order.

  1. Who do I contact when I need assistance with my order?

We are here to assist you with any enquiries you may have – Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm. You may contact us on or 0861 BIOTEEN / 0861 246 8336.

  1. How do I change an incorrect delivery address?

After you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Check the order and address details carefolly. If something is wrong, please contact us on, as soon as possible. If the order has not been dispatched, we will correct the address for you. If the order has already been dispatched, no changes can be made, and you will have to receive the parcel at the specified address. Therefore, please ensure that you capture the correct address at the time of your order.

  1. When do I receive my Invoice?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order along with your Invoice.


  1. Are the prices on
    in South African Rand (ZAR)?

Yes, the currency for all orders in South Africa is South African Rand (ZAR).

  1. Are the prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax)?

All prices are inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax).

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?

At Bioteen we have a number of different payment options through our third-party payment gateway. This payment gateway allows you to choose your preferred payment option. There are 7 different payment options available:

  1. Credit & Debits Cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  2. Instant EFT
  3. Mobicred
  4. Masterpass
  5. Snapscan
  6. Debit Card
  7. Zapper
  1. When will the payment be deducted from your account?

The payment will be immediate. This means that we will be able to start processing your order straight away.

  1. Does Bioteen’s Website store my card information?

We never store your card information without your permission. In order to facilitate repeat orders, your card details are stored by a trusted third-party payments company. This data remains encrypted.

  1. What is 3D secure?

3D secure is an initiative by Visa and Mastercard which adds an extra layer of security when you use your card online. A 3D-enabled card will require the entry of a one-time PIN before your order can be placed. If you have never set your card up for 3D Secure one-time PINs, your bank will automatically take you through the process the first time you try and pay.

The 3D-Secure refers to the following three domains which are involved in keeping your financial and card‘s information secure and safe:

  1. The Acquiring or Merchant’s bank;
  2. The Card Association’s financial network i.e. Mastercard and Visa;
  3. The Issuing or Cardholder’s bank.

Very simply, the system authenticates the cardholder before the transaction takes place, by diverting the browser to the bank that issued the card, who then requests a PIN from their cardholder which conclusively proves that this actually is the cardholder who is entitled to use this card. Once they are satisfied that this is the true cardholder, an authentication receipt is issued which is then presented to the merchant’s bank along with the authorisation request. If the transaction is then approved by the issuing bank they may not charge the merchant because the cardholder disputes the transaction as not being originated by them.

  1. How do I get a discount code and use it?

Getting one of our discount codes is simple and makes placing an order even more fun! Make sure you follow us, so you always receive promotional discount vouchers when they are issued. These can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Subscribe to Bioteen Life packed with promotions, special offers and other interesting
  2. Follow us across our social media platforms where we regolarly feature discount codes that you
    can redeem on our website;
  3. As a registered customer, when you place an order with us, we invite you to place a review of
    your purchase. Once your review is approved, you will receive a discount code by e-mail.

If you have received a discount code, simply enter the code during the payment check-out process. Enter the code in the field provided. The applicable discount will be given to you and you will just need to pay the outstanding balance only.


  1. Where do you deliver?

We only deliver within the borders of South Africa. Importantly, please note we are unable to deliver to P.O. Box addresses. We thus deliver only to physical addresses. If you live in an estate, please ensure that the security gate will allow the courier to enter; otherwise, provide an alternative address to ensure speedy delivery. We do not deliver to any address outside of South Africa through the website. For International orders and shipment, please e-mail us directly on.

  1. When can I expect my delivery?

Estimated time of delivery is with 48 hours in the Cape Town area, within 72 hours to other main metropolitan areas and 96 hours to other regional and outlying areas from the time the payment is cleared. You shoold receive your parcel within 5 – 7 working, but we will communicate with you shoold there be a delay on your order.

We cannot give a time when the designated courier will arrive to deliver the parcel. There are many factors which influence the exact delivery time, such as traffic, delays at a previous stop or a technical problem. Delivery will take place between 8:00am – 17:00pm, Monday to Fridays. Please ensure that someone is present at the delivery address to receive and sign for the parcel. No deliveries will be made over the weekends or on public holidays.

Orders placed before 3pm on a business day will be dispatched that same day. If placed after 3pm, it will be dispatched to the courier the evening of the next business day only.

  1. What will be the delivery cost for items purchased online?

Delivery is free on orders over R750 For orders of R750 and below, we charge a nationwide flat fee of R75.

  1. Can I track my parcel?

Yes, you will receive a shipping e-mail from us, which includes a waybill number that can be used to track your parcel. You will be able to track your parcel directly on

  1. How do I change my delivery address?

Once logged on, you can access “My Profile” where you will be able to edit, add or delete addresses. You can also change your address at checkout. However, you are not able to change the address once your parcel is out for delivery.

  1. Can I split a delivery?

No, deliveries on one order cannot be split. Shoold you wish to deliver to different addresses, you will need to place separate orders which will have to be paid for separately.

  1. My parcel is delayed what shoold I do?

All our parcel deliveries are done via third-party courier companies. This means that we cannot control the operations of the third-party company. Unfortunately parcel delays can happen, however we can assist you with following up with the courier service provider. Please send an e-mail to and we will attend to follow-up and investigate the matter.

  1. I was not available to accept your delivery. How do I get delivery?

We please ask that someone is present at the delivery address during working hours to receive the parcel. If you were not at the specified delivery address the courier company will phone you later that day to arrange an alternative delivery time. Bioteen SA (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to charge you an additional delivery fee if an alternate date and time is required.

  1. My order has not arrived, what do I do?

We provide a facility to track the status of your order online directly on Alternatively contact us on


  1. My items were delivered damaged. What do I do?

Shoold an item be damaged (product is visibly damaged during transit), please e-mail us on Damaged goods must be reported to us in this way within 7 days after receipt. The courier company will collect the product from you and once we have received and inspected it, you will be notified and issued with a voucher code to order the product again at no cost (free shipping included too). You can also request a refund on your credit card.

  1. The incorrect item was delivered. What do I do?

Shoold you have received the incorrect item (product or flavour), then ordered, please e-mail us on Incorrectly delivered goods must be reported to us within 7 days after receipt. The courier company will collect the product from you and once we have received and inspected it, you will be issued with a voucher code to order the product again at no further cost (free shipping included too). You can also request a refund on your credit card instead.

  1. My product is defective. What do I do?

Shoold an item be faolty or defective (the product is impossible to consume or is visibly defective), please e-mail us on Defective goods must be reported to us in this way within 7 days after receipt. The courier company will collect the product from you and once we have received and inspected it, you will be issued with a voucher code to order the product again at no cost (free shipping included too). You can also request a refund on credit card.

  1. I have received my correct order buy just don’t want it anymore. What do I do?

Shoold you for some reason no longer want the item that you have purchased, and the product is still sealed in its original packaging, please e-mail us on Unwanted goods must be reported to us in this way within 7 days after receipt. The courier company will collect the product from you and once we have received and completed our inspection, you will be issued with a voucher code or refunded. If the product has been opened and is not faolty, you will not be able to return it for a refund. If the product is still sealed and in its original packaging, a refund will be issued for the product less the return courier cost, for which you will be liable. Refunds will be done within 7 working days to the credit card that was used when making your purchase.

  1. What are the refund options available for a return?

When logging your return request via e-mail on, please communicate your preferred action, namely a voucher code or cash refund on your credit card. While we will do our best to folfil this choice, we cannot guarantee that the option will be available, as this is also dependent on the outcome of the return. Refunds will take place within 7 working days of receiving the returned product back from you. The available options are:

  1. Voucher Code: you will receive a voucher code for the amount of the returned product. You
    can use this to order another product of your choice. Shipping will be free when using this ‘returns voucher’.
  2. Cash refund on my Credit Card: we will refund the amount paid for the product to the
    credit card used in the original transaction.
  1. When will the courier collect my return?

Our couriers will contact you within 2 working days to arrange a return collection.

  1. What happens if I have queries not covered in the FAQ’s?

Please e-mail us on or call us on 0861 BIOTEEN / 0861 246 8336 during office hours – Monday – Friday 8.00 – 4pm.


5.41. The consistency of my shake or sports drink is not correct

Refer to the back of the tub for the product for direct recommended

instructions on how to take the product. Otherwise, add liquid to better suit

your personal preference.


5.42. Are Bioteen Products vegan?

The following products are suitable for vegan consumers.

  1. Bioteen’s Sportonic
  2. Bioteen’s Learnergy
  3. Bioteen’s Relaxify
  4. Bioteen’s Immunergy
  5. Bioteen’s ClariCalm
  6. Bioteen’s Moltivitamin +
  7. Bioteen’s Magnesium
  8. Bioteen’s L-Glutamine Plus
  9. Bioteen’s Fiber Boost
  10. Bioteen’s Pre + Probiotic
  11. Bioteen’s Vitamin C 1000
  12. Bioteen’s PMS Support


  1. Bioteen’s GABA
  2. Bioteen’s 5-HTP +


5.43. Do Bioteen product contain dairy or lactose?

Yes, some products contain dairy-based proteins.

  1. Bioteen’s Whey Protein
  2. Bioteen’s Maximeal
  3. Bioteen’s Biolean
  4. Bioteen’s EZ Fuel
  5. Bioteen’s Recovery
  6. Bioteen’s Lean Muscle Builder


5.44. How shoold I store my Bioteen products?

Store in dry conditions at room temperature, not exceeding 24°C. Always

replace the lid securely after use. Some products come with a desiccant

sachet which is not to be removed from the jar.


5.45. Are these any product ingredients not listed on the product label?

No, all ingredients in each of our Bioteen products are listed on the individual

product packaging.


5.46. Are Bioteen products gluten free?

Yes, ingredients used on Bioteen products are gluten free.




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