Supersleep brings a balanced approach to teen sleep and stress management, combining trusted ingredients for effective results.


Our formula includes L-Theanine, Magnesium, Zinc, Taurine, GABA, Vitamin B6, and now, Glycine—known for its calming effects and ability to improve sleep quality.


Choose between a comforting ready-to-mix hot chocolate or an adaptable unflavored option, both designed to seamlessly fit into your teen’s nightly routine.


Supersleep works to enhance restful sleep while actively reducing stress levels, contributing to a more stable mood and higher energy levels during the day.

clean formula


Fast Fact

L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves, known for its calming effects. Benefits for sleep include: reduced anxiety, improved sleep quality, and mental relaxation. By increasing GABA, serotonin, and dopamine levels, it promotes a state of relaxation, allowing for a restful night’s sleep without drowsiness.

Fast Fact

Taurine is a type of amino acid that aids in calming anxiety levels by supporting the function of the neurotransmitter GABA, which allows the brain to shut off and encourages rest.

Fast Fact

L-theanine may help people fall asleep more quickly and easily at bedtime, thanks to the relaxation boost it delivers. Research also shows L-theanine can improve the quality of sleep—not by acting as a sedative, but by lowering anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Fast Fact

Numerous studies, both in pre-clinical and clinical settings, have investigated the interaction of magnesium with key mediators of the physiological stress response and demonstrated that magnesium plays an inhibitory key role in the regulation and neurotransmission of the normal stress response.

Fast Fact

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in sleep regulation. Benefits for sleep include: reduced insomnia, balanced sleep cycles, and relaxation of the nervous system. It helps maintain healthy levels of GABA, supports muscle relaxation, and alleviates anxiety, promoting a deeper, more restful sleep.

Fast Fact

Inositol has been found to reduce depression, hostility, tension, and fatigue. Inositol has been found to reduce depression, hostility, tension, and fatigue.

Fast Fact

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety. Benefits for sleep include: shorter sleep latency, improved sleep quality, increased REM sleep, and balanced sleep cycles. It helps calm an overactive mind, fostering restorative rest and reducing insomnia.

Fast Fact

Research in people with sleep issues has shown that taking 3 grams of glycine before bed decreases how long it takes to fall asleep, enhances sleep quality, lessens daytime sleepiness, and improves cognition.




Calm & Relaxed

L-Theanine promotes a calming and relaxing feeling without inducing drowsiness as well as improved focus, attention and clarity. L-Theanine is most remarkable in its anti-anxiety potential during exposure to stressful conditions. L-Theanine works by stimulating alpha brain waves which are associated with an alert and relaxed state. L-Theanine may also promote healthy GABA levels



Di-Magnesium Malate

Stress Reduction

Acute stress has been shown to be associated with increased urinary Magnesium excretion. In turn, low magnesium levels intensify stress, creating a vicious cycle. Ensuring optimal Magnesium status via dietary intake and supplementation helps to combat stress and promote mood. Magnesium is important for many of the pathways, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters involved in mood regulation like dopamine and serotonin.



Zinc Chelate

Cortisol Support

Zinc plays a significant role with respect to the stress response. Prolonged stress can deplete zinc levels. Proper maintenance of zinc status can help to stabilize serum cortisol levels over time, and zinc intake has been shown to temporarily inhibit cortisol secretions. Zinc is also an essential cofactor for serotonin synthesis which positively influences mood.



Gamma Amino Butyric Acid

Stress Resilience

GABA is a key calming neurotransmitter in the human nervous system that is also found in some foods. GABA acts to relax the nervous system by preventing overstimulation. GABA decreases stress-related beta waves and increases the production of alpha-waves in the brain which are related to lowered stress levels. Other ingredients in Relaxify also positively influence GABA, like Suntheanine®, Taurine and Magnesium.



B-Vitamin Complex

Serotonin Support

The Stress B-Vitamin complex consists of Vitamin B5, B6, B12, and folic acid. B vitamins act as cofactors in the synthesis and regulation of dopaminergic and serotonergic neurotransmitters. Both of these neurotransmitters are implicated in the regulation of mood, as well as clinical depression and anxiety. B-Vitamin supplementation has been shown to reduce stress in healthy and at-risk subjects.




Mood Support

Palatinose™ is a source of glucose and fructose to the body. Palatinose™ digests and absorbs slowly thus providing a steady supply of energy. The intake of slow-digesting carbohydrates in children and adolescents has been found to benefit elements of cognitive function like memory, attention and mood. Palatinose™ also works synergistically with another Relaxify ingredient (Suntheanine®) to promote alpha waves in the brain which is associated with a focused and relaxed state.



35 reviews for Supersleep

  1. Phillipa Mitchell

    I have two High Functioning Autistic daughters and anxiety always increases at night. This has definitely helped them relax and when they sleep, they tend not to dream which means they enjoy deeper more restful sleep. Now part and parcel of our nighttime routine! Plus it’s delicious. Thank you so much!

  2. Samantha Groenewald

    My teenagers love the taste of the product and both of them reported sleeping better after using the product within the first few days. I have also noticed that they sleep more restful.

  3. Janine Theron

    My son is asking for his tasty good night shake and the Bioteen Supersleep helps him to sleep better. Would recommend.

  4. Thea Dettman

    It’s working!

    My 13yr old has struggled falling asleep at night and after someone recommended this product we thought we’d try it. So glad we did. Must take for a few days to have proper effect. Thank you

  5. Josh Johnson

    I love this hot or cold and I find I always sleep better when I have this at night especially if I have an exam or race the next day. Its a very good tasting hot chocolate.

  6. Donna

    My 17 year old son has always battled with his sleep and needs to wake up early most morning to train, but is normally tired. Since taking Supersleep around 30 minutes before bedtime, he is sleeping better and is waking up feeling refreshed. And not to forget the chocolate flavour which is delicious. A must buy product!

  7. Helen (verified owner)

    My kids love their after dinner shake, really calms them and it tastes delicious , will order this again.

  8. Samantha (verified owner)

    A great product!

  9. Jared Jackelow

    This product is fantastic.
    My 12 year old daughter loves it and it tastes great too.
    Like having a hot chocolate before bed, with all the benefits.
    Calms her before bed and enjoys a restful sleep.
    Highly recommended . . .

  10. Janine (verified owner)

    Our granddaughter was battling to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up happy. Supersleep has changed all this!

  11. Kirsten Morrison

    My youngest son of 14 has been taking this for a few nights and says that he’s sleeping more soundly and wakes refreshed and ready to start the day. I’m thrilled that it aids with restful sleep, his overall health and demeanour seems better after just a few nights of solid sleep. Highly recommended.

  12. Estelle Louw

    My 16year old daughter been battling to sleep for sometime.We have tried prescribed and over counter but the side effects was always unbearable.
    She started with supersleep and from first nighn it was all that it’s promised SUPER SLEEP.
    Amazing product.

  13. Magda De Jongh (verified owner)

    Great taste. Can see that it really works for a better night’s sleep.

  14. Phillida Benjamin

    My 16 year old that has ADHD and anxiety used this product as it was included as a sample with my order. He literally had the best sleep after using it only once .I’m highly impressed and would recommend it to anyone.

  15. Lonwabo Mawela

    I have been using it for a week now and it used to take me a while to fall asleep but now it’s very easy and I’ll sleep through the night with no sign of insomnia . Definitely recommend this to other students as well .

  16. Philisiwe Zulu

    It’s working. I took just one sachet from the promotional pack I got when I bought learnargy and wow I slept through our the night and definitely buying for myself now

  17. Anuschka (verified owner)

    My ADHD son has always struggled to settle at night. After using Supersleep for 1 week I have noticed a remarkable change. He settles and falls asleep within 30mins of getting into bed.

  18. Dianna (verified owner)

    Helps all of us sleep calmly and peacefully. Delicious chocolate drink that kids enjoy.

  19. Anca (verified owner)

    Excellent and delicious product. Supersleep works wonder for my teens!

  20. Estelle (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product. Works like a charm.

  21. Emy Clarke (verified owner)

    My daughter has always had a problem falling asleep and staying asleep. The first time we used this product she was sleepy within 30 mins and an hour later she was fast asleep. In the morning she felt like she had had a really good nights sleep without being groggy. Will 100% be repurchasing.

  22. HELEN MARLAND (verified owner)

    My daughter is in matric and uses this to help her sleep on nights when she feels she needs to get a good nights’ rest. It works well for her and she loves the taste as well!

  23. Marisca (verified owner)

    This product definitely helps my son sleep better and it tastes great. Very convenient not to have to take so many tablets – all in one solution!

  24. Tanya

    Fantastic, best product ever.

  25. Gail (verified owner)

    Best sleep product I’ve tried so far. I’ve tried lots of sleep remedies but so far, this is the only one that has truly helped mem get to sleep easily and I am no longer a teenager, I’m a pensioner!

  26. Samantha (verified owner)

    My kids love the taste and I noticed that they sleep more soundly and wake up rested. Also, excellent service as always from Bioteen from order to delivery!

  27. Nicole Gerber

    My teenage daughter says it has a great flavour, is creamy but healthy since she is watching her sugar intake. She says it has helped her immensely to be able to sleep better, especially during stressful exam times.

  28. Kirsten Morrison (verified owner)

    My two son’s have been taking this at night during exams and they have both reported better and more restful sleep, with less anxiety around exams. Highly recommend this for when exam stress is at an all time high.

  29. Colene (verified owner)

    Children just drink it on their own. Which goes without saying that it works well!

  30. Marisca (verified owner)

    My son has struggled with sleep since birth. This product really helps and he can make it himself.

  31. Hanja (verified owner)

    My daughter has always struggled to fall asleep and tends to get a lot of anxiety around bedtime. It would sometimes take her hours to fall asleep. I’ve tried everything (except melatonin) without much success. This has been life changing and worked from day 1. Anxiety has disappeared and she now falls asleep easily.

  32. Terri-Lynn Matthyser (verified owner)

    Ok, all honesty, I’m not a teen, I’m 49 and love this product. 🙂 So not just for teens. It tastes like dessert and works superbly when stress & 49 year old hormones disrupt my sleep. And my 15 year old son enjoys it as well – bonus! He is very fussy about how things taste and this really does taste like hot chocolate.

  33. Kathy (verified owner)

    It has been a crazy January trying to get my children back into routine and back to normal hours. So I got the Supersleep, I give it to them every night with their milo and I have seen a difference in their sleep patterns. They also have more energy the next day. Thank you for your products Bioteen!!

  34. Joslyn

    My daughter is very good with her academics and sometimes cant switch off. I have given her the SuperSleep and it made a huge difference.
    She felt less tired in the morning and has more good energy and says she doesnt feel so tired mid day as before.
    What I like is she can do it herself. Thanks Bioteen

  35. Roxy (verified owner)

    Besides the bitter taste from the stevia this product is great. My son is definitely sleeping better and deeper. Looking forward to trying the plain tasteless version next time 🙂

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Bioteen’s Supersleep is specially formulated to promote a restful night’s sleep for teenagers who struggle to fall asleep or who are not getting enough sleep. We do this by combining a variety of evidenced based nutraceuticals that have all been clinically proven to help your teen fall asleep, stay asleep and get enough deep sleep to promote cognitive, emotional, and physical health.


The ingredients that we have chosen, including Suntheanine® (L-Theanine), all work together to promote enough good quality sleep, in the following ways:

Increase relaxing brain waves

The first way that Bioteen’s Supersleep helps your teen to have a good night’s rest is by increasing the amount of relaxing brainwaves. To understand what this means, let’s take a look at which part of the nervous system is affected.

The nervous system is split into various ‘parts’:

The first way that Bioteen’s Supersleep encourages sleep is by acting directly on the brain (which, as you can see, forms part of the central nervous system). The brain produces electrical impulses that help the neurons in the brain communicate to one another. Behaviors, emotions, and thoughts are all communicated in this way.

There are 4 groups of brainwaves, with each frequency corresponding to a different state of alertness, or relaxation. Ideally, a state of deep relaxation (or anxiolysis) is needed to help you fall asleep more quickly and initiate high quality sleep (1). They are classified according to their frequency into four types: alpha (less than 8–13 Hz), beta (more than 13 Hz), theta (less than 4–8 Hz), and delta waves (less than 4 Hz). Delta and theta waves are seen during deep sleep and early stages of sleep, respectively while alpha waves are generated when you are feeling relaxed and effortless alertness. On the other hand, beta waves are seen in highly stressful situations and where there is a difficulty in mental concentration. Therefore, alpha and beta waves are used as indicators of arousal, relaxation, concentration, stress and anxiety conditions in humans (2).

In order to feel relaxed enough to do this, you want an increase in alpha waves and a decrease in beta waves. If your teen is the kind of person whose mind is running at full speed before they go to sleep, this is the pathway that we need to target to help them feel calm before bedtime. Alpha brain waves increase when you’re meditating, being creative and even when you let your mind wander when you daydream, they also increase when you use specialized nutraceuticals, specifically L-Theanine and GABA.

L-theanine has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, this means that it has direct access to the brain where it is able to increase alpha brain waves and decrease beta brain waves within 30-40 minutes. It also helps to boost GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid levels (which is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain). As an inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA not only helps to reduce anxious feelings/ help you to relax, but it has also been found to increase alpha brain waves and induce a passively alert state of relaxation (amongst other relaxing effects) (2).

Enhance GABAergic (inhibitory) signaling systems 

Brain waves aren’t the only way your body helps you to relax. Neurons (aka brain/ nervous system cells) also have the ability to excite or inhibit/ relax you depending on what kind of neurotransmitter (or chemical signaling molecules) they produce. As mentioned, GABA is one of the main inhibitory neurotransmitters with glycine following as a close second (3).

If we want to take advantage of the relaxing nature of these neurotransmitters, we need to increase their levels and we can do this by either taking them orally (via food or supplements) or by supporting the GABAergic or glycinergic signaling systems (which can either be by helping neurons to produce more of these inhibitory neurotransmitters, or by reducing nutrients that may block their production). This helps to relax us as an imbalance between GABA (inhibitory) and glutamate (excitatory) is associated with neuron hyperexcitability which is a characteristic of anxiety symptoms (4).


With this in mind, the obvious ingredients added to Bioteen’s Supersleep include GABA and glycine which will directly increase levels as well as support nutrients including L-theanine (which boosts GABA, serotonin and dopamine), zinc (increases inhibitory transmission of GABA receptors) and the amino acid taurine or even magnesium (which both activate GABA receptors) as well as glycinergic pathway support nutrients like L-theanine (boosts glycine levels) (5-9).  Taurine (analog to GABA and glycine):

Reduce NMDA (excitatory) signaling systems

To further support relaxation (and sleep) you want to down regulate or calm down your excitatory pathways. One of these pathways is activated when the neurotransmitter, glutamate, binds to the NMDA (or N-methyl D-aspartate) receptors (10). If we can decrease how much glutamate binds to these receptors, we can decrease excitatory effects. This can be done in a few ways, using a handful of carefully selected nutraceuticals.

Ideally these nutraceuticals will either compete with glutamate (like L-theanine, which is structurally similar to glutamate, so can easily take its place on the NMDA receptor) or block the NMDA receptor (like magnesium or zinc) (6,11). Either way, we want less glutamate binding to the NMDA receptors.


Improve sleep quality

In addition to acting as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, both GABA and glycine have also been shown to help reduce core body temperature (12). Your body temperature affects all facets of sleep, from falling asleep, to sleep quality and even time spent in different sleep stages (13).

Glycine as well as dietary polyphenols (like those found in the high-quality cocoa) included in Supersleep may also help to improve the way you feel the next day after not getting enough sleep (aka sleep resilience) (14,15). The cocoa and magnesium also have antioxidant capabilities that may potentially play a role in preventing sub-clinical, low-grade inflammation (which has also been shown to impair sleep quality and duration) (15,16).

Last, but certainly not least, some research shows that when you combine L-theanine and GABA (like we’ve done in Supersleep), you see an even better response with even shorter times to fall asleep and longer non-REM sleep than if you have either nutraceutical alone (17).

The bottom line


All in all, Bioteen’s Supersleep contains proven sleep support nutrients, to help calm anxious thoughts, shift the brain into sleep mode and promote deep, restorative sleep. Presented as a delicious and comforting pre-bedtime drink, Bioteen’s Supersleep is the perfect addition to your teen’s bedtime routine.



  1. Rao T, Ozeki M, Juneja L. In Search of a Safe Natural Sleep Aid. Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2015;34(5):436-447.
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