Introducing Bioteen's Sportonic - the ultimate sports drink for athletes who want to maximize their performance and stay hydrated during exercise. We understand that fueling during exercise can be challenging, but with Sportonic, we've taken the guesswork out of the equation by formulating a safe and evidence-based sports drink packed with all the right ingredients to promote optimal performance. Sportonic is formulated with carbohydrates, electrolytes, and functional vitamins, designed to delay fatigue and boost performance. Bioteen's Sportonic -is the ideal, all natural, sports drink for athletes who want to maximize their performance, stay hydrated and smash their sports goals.
Clean Formula


Fast Fact

Performance of prolonged, sustained, or intermittent high-intensity exercise is enhanced by high carbohydrate availability and matching glycogen stores and blood glucose to the fuel demands of exercise. In contrast, depletion of these stores is associated with fatigue, reduced work rates, and increased perception of effort.

Fast Fact

Carbohydrates can support exercise over a range of intensities due to their use by both anaerobic and oxidative pathways. For short, high-intensity exercise, the main source of energy is glycogen (glucose) stored in muscle and the liver. 

Fast Fact

A study by the German Institute of Human Nutrition found that isomaltulose caused blood glucose levels in subjects to rise an average of 20% less than household sugar. Even more surprising were the observations regarding insulin release. The amount of insulin released decreased by 55%!

Fast Fact

Consuming carbohydrates during exercise lasting longer than 60 minutes ensures that the muscles receive adequate amounts of energy, especially during the later stages of the competition or workout. This has also been found to improve performance. The form of carbohydrates consumed does matter.

Fast Fact

Metabolic breakdown takes place with Palatinose™ takes place much more slowly than with sugar. To process isomaltulose, the digestive enzymes in the human body take longer. This is why the glycemic index of isomaltulose is low, with a value of 32: the glucose passes into the blood slowly providing sustained energy.

Fast Fact

Carbohydrates provide the body with their first option for energy and are a key fuel for the brain and central nervous system. During any type of activity, muscles use glucose from carbohydrates for fuel.

Fast Fact

Athletes can increase their stores of glycogen by regularly eating high-carbohydrate foods. If carbohydrate in the diet is restricted, a person’s ability to exercise may be compromised because there is not enough glycogen kept in storage to fuel the body.




Sustained Energy

Palatinose™ is a source of glucose and fructose to the body. Unlike other sugars, Palatinose™ digests and absorbs slowly thus providing the body with a steady supply of energy. The combination of Palatinose™ along with faster releasing fuels ensures sustained energy provision and prevents a pre-exercise energy dip that may come with consuming rapid sources alone.

Sports Nutrition


Glucose Polymers

Glycogen Replenishment

Maltodextrin is a maize-derived carbohydrate that consists of glucose molecules in long chains. It is rapidly digested and absorbed without stressing the digestive system. Maltodextrin ensures a fast release of glucose into the bloodstream, and an ideal level of insulin response to trigger the replenishment of glycogen stores in muscles.

Sports Nutrition


Glucose Source

Rapid Energy

Maltodextrin is a maize-derived carbohydrate that consists of chains of glucose molecules. It is a rapidly-digested and absorbed carbohydrate that serves as a rapid energy source. When used in conjunction with slower-digesting Palatinose™ and Waxy Maize starch, maltodextrin provides a more balanced energy profile.

Sports Nutrition


Glucose Source


Dextrose is a common form of the simple carbohydrate glucose called D-Glucose. It is a source of energy for the body during exercise. In the small intestines, dextrose is absorbed by SGLT1 transporters which is directly coupled with the absorption of 2 sodium molecules and approximately 300 water molecules. This allows the absorption and delivery of fluids to maintain hydration and endurance performance.

Sports Nutrition


Magnesium Chelate

Cramp Support

Magnesium (Mg) serves as a co-factor in more than 300 enzymatic reactions, including energy production. Mg is involved in glucose metabolism and enhances exercise performance. In general, long-term exercise increases Mg excretion through sweat and urine and may result in Mg deficiency. Therefore, exercise performance is highly dependent on the regulation and maintenance of Mg levels.

Sports Nutrition


Multvitamin Blend

Energy & Vitality

Teen Vitamin Premix (TVP) is a blend of 12 highly bioavailable vitamins, consisting of Vitamin A, D3, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, Folic Acid and Biotin. These vitamins are involved in key functions that relate to health and muscle development like energy-yielding metabolism, protein metabolism, protein synthesis, red blood cell production and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Sports Nutrition



Mental Focus

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is a form of the amino acid Tyrosine. Tyrosine is an important precursor of neurotransmitters like catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline) and dopamine. Taking a source of L-Tyrosine helps maintain cognitive function during stressful situations including exercise.

Sports Nutrition


Sodium and Potasium


Restoration of water and electrolyte balance is an essential part of the recovery process after exercise. Sodium is the main electrolyte in extracellular fluid and is susceptible to be lost via sweat during exercise. The intake of sodium helps to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance which helps with water absorption to ensure rehydration. Potassium works in conjunction with Sodium in this process.

Sports Nutrition


42 reviews for Sportonic

  1. Tina Azar

    Absolutely brilliant products!!! My son swims and gets anxiety so badly before a gala that he gets nauseous the whole time causing him to not eat and replenish after an event. Since using Bioteen Relaxify before a gala and using Bioteen Sportonic, his training and gala are so much easier and his anxiety are so much manageable. Using Bioteen during exams is another brilliant product that gives him more focus and concentration. Brilliant brilliant products!

  2. Josh Johnson

    Sportonic is the best sports drink I’ve tasted and Ive tried alot. I have tried both flavours of sportonic and both are great. I use it during all my cycling races and training sessions and provides the energy to perform at my best.

  3. Donna

    My 17 year-old son who trains every day for waterpolo and swimming always has his Sportonic with him at the pool. Not only is it great tasting, but it gives him the energy needed to keep pushing throughout his training and matches.

  4. Bendicte Bergman

    My son trains every day. Rugby and Athletics. Sportonic definitely gives him that extra stamina he needs. Brilliant product. He also uses the Recovery and Learnergy ones. Highly recommend all three!!

  5. Marina Kruger (verified owner)

    It is refreshing and tastes great. Much healthier alternative to ready to drink sports drinks, good product.

  6. nawhal abrahams (verified owner)

    The best product for active teens. My son does sports all the time at school and this is definitely helping him.

  7. Barbara (verified owner)

    Received my Sportonic today. My kids absolutely love the taste and said they felt more energetic during their training.
    Thank you!

  8. Barbara (verified owner)

    Amazing product my kids love it!

  9. Monica (verified owner)

    We absolutely love our Sportonic. My son is very busy with all his sport, and this helps him to stay active and to do his homework.

  10. Tirzah

    My son has started using this while playing Hockey. Great product!

  11. Rita (verified owner)

    Great for endurance. Highly recommend for teens that do strenuous exercise or training. Both flavours are great!

  12. Michelle (verified owner)

    My 12yo is a front row rugby player. Club rugby is on now and afternoon games are played in very hot conditions. With Sportonic he hydrates better and has more energy for the entire game. Previously it would have been very hard going now as long as we have this we have no issues.

  13. Anca (verified owner)

    Excellent sports drink for when my teens train. They feel much more energized during their training sessions. And they say it tastes delicious!

  14. Natasha (verified owner)

    My teens love the cherry flavour. Great drink for them during tennis, great rehydration during those long sessions.

  15. Marisca (verified owner)

    Great taste! Helps with those long sports afternoon.

  16. Tirzah Kitshoff (verified owner)

    Brilliant product! My son plays tennis and trains almost every day. The Sportonic has been a life saver, especially in this mad Cape Town heat !

  17. Lindi Pieterse (verified owner)

    Feel like adding a star or 2 haha Bioteen’s Sportonic is the perfect choice for young athletes searching for an all-natural sports drink. During lengthy days at swim meets, hydration is crucial. What I particularly appreciate is that Sportonic is crafted with carbs, electrolytes, and vit. Great combo, awsome taste 10/10

  18. Avril Williams

    Best product… for training

  19. Elsie (verified owner)

    Good product as I have seen a difference in her energy level. Just don’t last as long as fitgen we used to use. So a bit more expensive over the long run.

  20. Anel A Cilliers

    I gave this to my 18 year old son, and he saw results after only one week. Absolutely an amazing product.

  21. Hesthia (verified owner)

    This is the Best Ever Product I have ever bought. My son cannot go without this with his very busy rugby and athletics schedule. We have recommend this to so many athletes and Rugby Players. The coaches was asking my son, how do you do it, doing a bleep test and the only player left on the highest level for 0/19A.

  22. Angelique Steyn (verified owner)

    My daughter drinks it before cycling practice. She says that she can definitely feel a difference in her energy levels. I put it in her bottle for school everyday to keep her going through her busy schedule. She is also going to drink it for her mountain bike race this Saturday. Excited to see the results

  23. Marlene (verified owner)

    My son uses it for training and says its made a massive difference in performance. He feels he has a lot more energy and its really enjoying the product and keen to try more from Bioteen.

  24. Lynn Louw (verified owner)

    My 15 year old son use Sportonic on fitness days and during hockey tournaments for the past month.
    He confirmed that he has much more energy on the field now and even managed to get 3 x medals for player of the match out of 5 x matches.
    Thank you BioTeen!

  25. Hesthia (verified owner)

    Best product on the market. We have use this spesific product so many times and it never disappoint.

  26. monique swart (verified owner)

    I bought this product for my sun and I have to say it helps him a lot his energy level stay at optimal. I would highly recommend this product to everyone that has a busy teenager.

  27. Mariska Evans (verified owner)

    Both my daughters loves the taste of Sportonic! Fantastic product.

  28. Angelique Steyn (verified owner)

    As a very active 12 year old mountain biker, I give this product a perfect score of 5/5. Its taste great and, most importantly, it serves its function down to a T. It will be my 3rd container

  29. Tilana Mc Leod (verified owner)

    Bought it for my very active athletic daughter. Such a gamechanger! Highly recommend this wonderful product 👌

  30. Charmaine V (verified owner)

    Great tasting and can see this product replenishes my son during and after his daily training!

  31. Clara Chimbwanda

    This a brilliant product. My 13-year-old daughter does sport almost everyday netball, hockey, swimming, soccer and sometimes these sports are one after the other.
    Sportonic has been a game changer for her, besides the great taste, The Energy levels and Endurance are amazing.

  32. Lee-Ann Primmer (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! My son used it this last weekend in a tournament and says this product really helped him – stamina, not that exhausted after a game, more focused. This is a must have for those doing sport!

  33. Heather

    This is an amazing product. My 12 year old daughter swims competitively and trains atleast 4 times a week. We have tried everything and nothing worked until we found sportonic. It gives her the energy to keep going without spiking her sugar levels.

  34. Avril Williams (verified owner)

    Best product… my daughter is a swimmer and an athlete and this really helps with everything…from anxiety to recovery ….
    Excellent product

  35. Charmaine Steenkamp (verified owner)

    Sportonic gives my daughter that extra boost she needs during netball practice and it tastes good (cherry)

  36. Elsie (verified owner)

    Works well, but container to small.

  37. Zahra (verified owner)

    My son absolutely loves the sports tonic. He has it everyday . It gets him through his early mornings at school and throughnlong cricket matches. Definitely a win for us.

  38. Chantel (verified owner)

    My son trains every day with Rugby. Sportonic gives him that extra staminia. Refreshing taste

  39. Nicole (verified owner)

    Great product. My daughter says she can definitely feel a difference when exercising . Thank you.

  40. Corlia Lange (verified owner)

    Really helps with sustainable energy when you need to exercise for long hours. Great safe product for teenagers.

  41. Danielle Green (verified owner)

    My son loves his Sportonic. He trains anything between 9 and 12 hours a week and says he can feel a definite difference In his training. His favourite is the Cherry flavour.

  42. Ansa Coetzee (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Before we found Sportonic, my daughter would be absolutely finished after a cross-country race. To the point that she could barely walk. Since taking Sportonic, she has much more energy after races. Both my kids now use this for swimming, running and tennis training. I can clearly see the difference.

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Fueling during exercise is often overlooked. It’s either completely forgotten or there are practical barriers preventing optimal application. This is a huge shame, because refueling during prolonged exercise can have a very beneficial effect on both motivation and performance. This is really important when it comes to teen sports because enjoying the sport you play and doing well is what can motivate a teen to continue or quit.


There are many sports drinks available on the market, so many that it can be hard for you to choose. At Bioteen, we’ve taken the guesswork out by formulating a safe and evidence-based sports drink packed with all the right ingredients to promote optimal performance.


Bioteen’s Sportonic contains an expertly blended formulation of carbohydrates for sustained energy release paired with functional vitamins, minerals and amino acids to delay fatigue and boost performance. Let’s explore the ingredients that we have included to do this:


A blend of carbohydrates provides sustained energy release

Exercising uses up energy and the easiest way for the body to get this energy is by burning up carbohydrates. These carbohydrates can either be exogenous (meaning they come from the diet) or they can be endogenous (where they are stored in the muscle as glycogen) (^). The goal to have a steady state of energy without ‘hitting the wall’ or crashing. The way that this is done, is by refueling with a carbohydrate based drink during exercise, especially prolonged exercise, and making sure that the glycogen tanks are as full as they can be because they are the emergency reserves that may be the difference between finishing a race or not. In Bioteen’s Sportonic, we have included a sustained energy carbohydrate blend, which is basically a blend of carbohydrates that are absorbed at different rates, some fat like maltodextrin and dextrose monohydrate and some slow like the smart carbohydrate Palatinose®. This means that at every stage of the race, start to end, Sportonic® has your energy needs covered.

Electrolytes promote optimal hydration

During exercise, it is common to sweat. This is the body’s way of transferring internal heat to the environment to help cool you down. Sweat is a combination of water and electrolytes, and what is lost needs to be replaced in order to prevent dehydration symptoms. Not only can dehydration cause a number of unpleasant symptoms like fatigue, irritability and loss of concentration, but as muscle is 75% water, if you are dehydrated, the muscles can’t contract at their peak levels. This can negatively impact your strength and speed, making your performance suffer and putting you at great risk of injury. Drinking enough fluid also helps to maintain your blood volume which is important because not only does sufficient blood volume maintain your core temperature, but it also ensures that the heart pumps sufficient amounts of nutrient and oxygen rich blood the rest of the body, which leads to improved performance. Replacing electrolytes is also important because not only do they help the body absorb water but they also prevent imbalances like hyponatremia (low sodium), which not only negatively affects performance but can also be quite dangerous (8, *).

Many people believe that thirst is the best indicator of hydration status, but usually if you wait this long dehydration has already set in. Research consistently shows that when taking part in intense or prolonged exercise, drinking on a schedule is more efficient than relying on thirst (&).


Carbohydrates, proper hydration and tyrosine all boost mental performance

Exercise can be mentally challenging; it takes grit and determination to keep going. A few strategies can be used to reduce this load and make exercise more enjoyable, these include: Sufficient intake of carbohydrates (which may enhance feelings of pleasure during and after exercise due to its link with the neurotransmitter serotonin), dehydration prevention (as it is linked to irritability and loss of concentration) and also to include nutraceuticals like tyrosine. When supplemented, tyrosine (which is a non-essential amino acid) encourages the uptake of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain (%). These increases have been linked to increased mental performance in certain sports.


Our entire sports range is safe and third party tested

At Bioteen, we take safety very seriously because we are committed to creating a safe and reliable supplement range that all teens can use with peace of mind. When choosing a supplement, especially for a rapidly growing and developing population like teens, it is vital to look for supplements that have used third party certified ingredients. Like Bioteen. As the supplement industry is currently not regulated, manufacturers are not obligated to disclose every ingredient they put in their products which can be a scary thought for parents, who only want the best for their teens! Bioteen believes in full transparency, not only do we source all the raw materials ourselves but to put your mind at ease we have also carefully selected third party certified contract manufacturers to produce our products. This means that you can be guaranteed that all the ingredients in the Bioteen range are safe to consume.


The bottom line

Choosing the right carbohydrate-based drink to consume during a grueling training session or sporting event can make or break sporting performance. Biotin’s Sportonic has been specially formulated to go beyond just supplying sugar in drink form. We have carefully selected functional and safe ingredients to give teens the nutrients they need to perform at their peak.


The importance of Sport’s Nutrition

Being active is an essential part of being healthy and for teen’s there is no

The “Lazy Teen” Myth + 5 Ways To Motivate Them

8 Easy Tips On How To Stay Hydrated

Living with a teenager can be challenging, especially when it comes to getting to school

Overcoming Lethargy as a Teenager

Living with a teenager can be challenging, especially when it comes to getting to school


Living with a teenager can be challenging, especially when it comes to getting to school




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